Posts on Ableist Language and Discourse

Due to the interest in my recent post “Weinberg and Barnes on Ableist Language” (the top link below), I have compiled a list of links to my earlier blog posts (on BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY, Discrimination and Disadvantage, and New Apps) about disability and ableist language and disability and language in general, beginning with the most recent on BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY and ending with one of my New Apps posts about ableist language.

I want to note that I have written other relevant posts on Discrimination and Disadvantage and elsewhere on the web, but I can’t locate them at this time. Interested readers and listeners are encouraged to search the archives at Discrimination and Disadvantage and the web more generally for these posts.

I also discuss disability and language in the first, second, and third chapters of my book, Foucault and Feminist Philosophy of Disability, and discuss Foucault’s idea of discourse, distinguishing it from a more restrictive understanding of language, in the third chapter of the book. In the first chapter of the book, for example, I closely examine the metaphor of “blind review” and the ways in which “blindness” is variously invoked in philosophical and popular contexts to refer to lack of knowledge, negligence, and so on and the implications of these linguistic practices for blind people and disabled people in general.

Finally, in June, Melinda wrote a very important (and popular) post about the use of ableist slurs to refer to Trump. That post can be found here.

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