Embodied Subjectivities in the Philippine Context

Sometimes, your niche just finds you. This seems to be the case with me and the intersection between Filipino philosophy and philosophy of disability, as I am happy to announce my second speaking engagement on that topic on May 28, 2022 at 5PM PHT. I will be one of two presenters for the 11th Beyond […]

Philosophy Casting Call podcast: s02e06 A Transformative Practice w/Jimena Solé

In this season finale, Élaina interviews Jimena Solé, a professor of philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires. Jimena talks about her dislike of school growing up, her discovery of Spinoza, and why she believes that philosophising in Argentina and South America can be a transformative decolonial practice. The first half of the episode focuses […]

Philosophy Casting Call s02e04: Relational Aesthetic Subjectivities w/Judith-Frederike Popp

In this episode, Élaina interviews Dr Judith-Frederike Popp, a post-doctoral researcher in philosophical aesthetics at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt’s Faculty of Design. They address, among other things, topics of theory-practice interdisciplinarity, what it means to be a relation subject, and the aesthetic agency of online influencers. You can register for “Taking Sides: Design […]

Philosophy Casting Call s02e03: Pedagogies of Resistance w/Danna Aduna

In this episode, Danna Aduna, assistant professor of philosophy at the University of the Philippines: Baguio, tells Élaina why she no longer wants to teach male philosophers and how she gets creative with assigned syllabi by experimenting with different ways of running her classrooms. Content note: This episode contains non-graphic discussions of sexual harassment, sexual […]

Philosophy Casting Call s01ep05: On creative philosophical practices and the power of showing up w/Jen Scuro

This is the one where Élaina asks Jen Scuro about her artistic practice’s place in all the stages of her academic career. Plus, there’s a bonus update at the end!CN: Ableism and miscarriageYou can learn more about Jen on her website: https://jenniferscurophd.squarespace.com/home and find teaching resources on her Academia.edu page: https://molloy.academia.edu/JenniferScuroBooks mentioned in the episode: […]

Artist Connect Report from BEING Studio

Artist Connect Report I really wanted to share this link to BEING Studio’s, an organisation by and for disabled artists based in Ottawa, written and audio visual report on their virtual pandemic-inspired project. Artist Connect brought together artists from across Canada during periods of isolation and anxiety and the report acknowledges the limitations of online […]