What does interdisciplinarity mean? Philosophy Casting Call podcast season 3

I am thrilled to announce that the 3rd season of the Philosophy Casting Call podcast is now live! This season, I am employed full-time and can therefore deliver more episodes weekly. Things have never been better if you enjoy listening to interviews with underrepresented philosophers.

Season 3 is all about exploring different interdisciplinary practices and reaching out to “unofficial” philosophers. They are working away in history, anthropology, bioethics, and digital communication departments, doing philosophy under the radar. So often, the desire to guard the “territory” of philosophy deprives us of rich knowledge and collaborative possibilities. These interviews are trying to remedy this trend.

You can now listen to four of the planned eight episodes in your podfeeds or here:

  1. Ethics of Kinship in the Archive w/Hannah Sullivan-Facknitz
  2. Metagnosis and Narrative Medicine w/Danielle Spencer
  3. Non-Ideal Theories of (Trans)genders w/Matthew Cull
  4. Black Radical Liberalism w/Kristin Waters

As always, you can consult the full episode transcripts here: https://www.elainagauthiermamaril.com/philosophy-casting-call-podcast

Twitter and Instagram: @philoCCpod

Buy the books mentioned on the podcast: https://uk.bookshop.org/lists/books-mentioned-on-philosophy-casting-call

You can support Philosophy Casting Call by rating and reviewing the podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify and by becoming a monthly supporter on Ko-Fi.

My union is going on strike this month, which means that the flow of episodes might be interrupted, but they will all go up eventually. If you want to contribute to the University and College Union (UCU) Edinburgh’s Hardship Fund, please do so here: https://www.ucuedinburgh.org.uk/hardship-fund. This is my 4th strike in the UK but the first time striking while salaried. I remember acutely how financially difficult it is for casualised staff and PhD students to strike, so contributing to the hardship fund is something that is close to my heart.

Happy listening (or reading)!


About elainagmamaril

Philosopher focusing on philosophy of disability, mass disablement in general and long-COVID in particular, and zombies.

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