Lecture Series: Introduction to Indigenous Philosophy of North America, Online, Apr. 13-Jun.7, 2023

How can one become aware of the presuppositions of one’s own thinking without questioning familiar knowledge structures through other perspectives? In this lecture series, we want to break down the narrow meshes of Western thinking together and introduce the basic philosophical principles of the indigenous peoples of North America. From different perspectives, we will present, among […]

Why Philosophers (and Everybody Else) Should Stop Using Footnotes

When I sent out submission instructions to the invited contributors of The Bloomsbury Guide to Philosophy of Disability, I informed them that the book would use endnotes rather than footnotes and instructed them that their use of endnotes must be kept to a minimum. Extensive use of footnotes and endnotes usually indicates that the writing […]

Impostor Syndrome & the False Idol of Intelligence

*I want to thank Meghan Schrader and Neil Levy for commenting on earlier drafts of this post. Neil Levy recently published an interesting take on impostor syndrome, explaining why it’s so common. He says that “pretense is an unavoidable element of coming to occupy a professional role.” So, in a sense, we’re all faking it. I […]

What does interdisciplinarity mean? Philosophy Casting Call podcast season 3

I am thrilled to announce that the 3rd season of the Philosophy Casting Call podcast is now live! This season, I am employed full-time and can therefore deliver more episodes weekly. Things have never been better if you enjoy listening to interviews with underrepresented philosophers. Season 3 is all about exploring different interdisciplinary practices and […]

Transhumanism is Eugenics for Educated White Liberals

Transhumanism as “newgenics” Vice just published an article on how “prominent AI philosopher and ‘father’ of longtermism,” Nick Bostrom, “sent very racist email to a 90s philosophy listserv.” Bostrom “said that ‘Blacks are more stupid than whites,’ adding, ‘I like that sentence and think it is true,’ and used a racial slur.” The article mentions that the […]

Happy New Year! Is 2023 the Year for Non-linear Time?

Kinship Time I’ve been seeing a lot of progress reports on social media. In light of this, let me remind you that linear time is a social construct. You do not need to live up to a productivity schedule that follows a linear timeline. Indigenous philosopher Kyle Whyte of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation writes that […]

How Medico-capitalism Fuels Over-diagnosis and Over-medication

I’m surprised that there’s controversy over the claim that people are over-diagnosed and over-medicated in a laissez-faire capitalist society. The medical establishment is part of a capitalist order that classifies and commodifies everything for profit, including human emotions and behaviours. Capitalism also suppresses dissent and resistance in order to maximise profit at the expense of […]