Launched on January 1, 2019, BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY is a group blog administered by Melinda Hall and Shelley Tremain that:

  • provides up-to-date information and cutting-edge critical analysis of biopolitical asymmetries and other mechanisms and effects of power in philosophy and beyond, especially with respect to disability and other apparatuses (such as gender, race, class, nationality, and sexuality) with which disability is co-constitutive;
  • showcases the insights of members of underrepresented constituencies in philosophy and work done in marginalized areas of specialization;
  • advertises CFPs and other notices for publications, conferences, workshops, institutes, and projects pertinent to underrepresented philosophers and subordinated areas of philosophical inquiry;
  • offers a venue for disabled and other underrepresented and marginalized philosophers to gain the experience and skills required to both engage in philosophical discussion and contribute to the profession of philosophy more generally;
  • is home to Dialogues on Disability, the acclaimed series of interviews that Tremain is conducting with disabled philosophers and posts to BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY on a monthly basis.

The BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY insignia in the banner depicts a dandelion, suggesting life, networks, systems, and change (photo credit: James Niland).