Dialogues on Disability

“I have read almost all of your interviews and they are always wonderful. …  I am really looking forward to the next installment of Dialogues on Disability.” — Adrian Piper

“The Dialogues on Disability platform … has been very helpful to me, especially at times where I did not feel I belong in the world of academic philosophy.” — Disabled graduate student

This page is home to Dialogues on Disability, the acclaimed series of interviews that Shelley Tremain is conducting with disabled philosophers and posts to BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY on the third Wednesday of every month. Links to each of the interviews that Tremain conducts and posts to BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY from January 2019 onward will be posted on this page. In addition, each of the forthcoming interviews will be posted on Tremain’s academia.edu page during the week following its publication on BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY.

An archive of the Dialogues on Disability interviews that Tremain conducted from April 2015-December 2018 can be found on the Discrimination and Disadvantage blog (which is no longer in use) and on Tremain’s academia.edu page.

The installments in the Dialogues on Disability series from January 2019 forward, beginning with the most recent, are as follows:

Dialogues on Disability: Shelley Tremain Interviews Grace Joy Cebrero