CFP: Alternative Political Science / Philosophy for Emancipation, Diversity, and the Life of the Planet, Havana, Nov. 19-23, 2019 (deadline: Oct. 1, 2019)

The Cuban Society of Philosophical Research (SCIF), the University of
Havana, the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Environment of the
Republic of Cuba, the Institute of Philosophy, the Ñico López
Superior School of the Communist Party of Cuba, the Department of
Social Sciences of the General Máximo Gómez Higher Academy


the Twenty-Second International Conference on an Alternative
Political Science

and the First International Congress on a Philosophy for
Emancipation, Diversity, and the Life of the Planet

to be held in Havana, Cuba from November 19 to November 23, 2019.

The Conference and Congress commemorate
the 500th anniversary of the founding of the City of Havana,
and the Sixtieth anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution.

The Conference and Congress are being organized by Cuban and international professors affiliated with the Division of Philosophy and History of the University of Havana and with Dr. Thalía Fung, Head of the School of “Political Science from the South” of the University of Havana. The “Political Science from the South” is a transdisciplinary initiative, including scholars in philosophy, political science, economics, history, anthropology, and sociology.

It seeks to develop an analysis of human history and political dynamics from the perspective of the global South, endeavoring to develop insights that are relevant to political strategies of the nations and social movements of the Third World.


* An Alternative Political Science

– Subjects and actors of change in the current epoch
– Political elites and their intentions in Latin American and the
  Third World
– Transnational corporations and their objectives in the neocolonized
– Women and the Third World
– The political thought of the South
– Communist, socialist, and progressive parties in Latin American and
  the world
– The relation between the political society and the civil society in
  the world today
– Changes in the political system of the nation-state today
– International relations and national public policies
– Technology, power, and the environment
– The Left and the Right in Latin America
– Socialism in the Twenty-First Century
– Social movements of the North

* A Philosophy for Emancipation, Diversity, and the Life of the Planet

– Culture, Philosophy, and Identity
– Philosophy and interculturality
– Gender and philosophy
– Philosophical thought and the original cultures of America
– Philosophy and the Cuban cultural tradition
– Philosophy and its role in the problems of the present world
– The role of epistemology in the scientific debate on Truth
– Philosophy and technology: artificial intelligence, robotics,
  biotechnology, transhumanism
– Bioethics and the environment
– Philosophy and education
– The socialization of new values
– The philosophical dimension of inclusion

Papers can be presented in English or Spanish.
Simultaneous or consecutive translation will be provided for papers
presented in English.

Paper proposals, including a paper title and a summary from 250 to 450 words, should be sent by October 1, 2019 to Charles McKelvey:

Please send the abstract in a Microsoft Word document, with your name, position, institutional affiliation, city, country, and e-mail address placed at the top of the page. Paper proposals sent prior to October 1 will be evaluated by the Organizing Committee as they are received, and a decision will be sent in no more than 30 days, accompanied by an official letter of invitation for accepted proposals.

Conference website:

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