COVID-19, Face Shields, and 3-D Printers

Dr. Tarek Loubani, an ER doctor in London, Ontario, who initiated a medical supplies nonprofit group in Gaza, uses 3-D printers to make the face shields that ER doctors, ER nurses, and other ER personnel urgently need at this time.

Making available information about alternative and novel means with which to fulfill requirements at this time is one of the ways in which we can counter the increasing number of news reports and social media posts about “the allocation of scarce medical resources.” We know what the message of such reports and posts is and what sorts of eugenics practices such a message licences.

Do you have access to a 3-D printer? Do you know someone who has access to such a printer? Do you have the money to purchase a 3-D printer from an online art supply company or even Amazon? If so, you can get the instructions to make these shields from Dr. Loubani and then take them to your local hospital.

In Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s address today, he indicated that the Canadian federal government has plans to purchase 3-D printers to increase the supply of medical equipment and instruments.

Visit Loubani’s Twitter page here to learn more about the shields:

More information about the shields is also available here:

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