Artificial Intelligence: Limitations, Foundations, and New Directions, CUNY Graduate Center Online, Apr. 24, 2021

The 24th annual CUNY Graduate Student Philosophy Conference 

Artificial Intelligence: Limitations, Foundations, and New Directions

Saturday, April 24

Keynote Speakers: Regina Rini (York University) & Jesse Prinz (CUNY) 

Conference will be hosted on Zoom. Contact for link.

Schedule: (Times are listed in Eastern Standard Time)

11:00-12:45: Session 1

  • Anuj Puri (University of St. Andrews): The Evolutionary Morality of Artificial Intelligence
  • Karl Reimer (University of Zurich): Motivating Legal Personhood Status for AI Via a Continuum

1:30-3:15: Session 2

  • Theodor Nenu (University of Bristol): Disentangling Metamathematics from Cognitive Science
  • Mel Andrews (University of Cincinnati): Machine Learning in Scientific Practice: Normative and Descriptive Aims

3:30-5:00: Keynote 1

  • Jesse Prinz (CUNY): Will AI Serve Us, Save Us, Supplant Us, or Subordinate Us?

5:15-6:45: Keynote 2

  • Regina Rini (York University): Social Media Algorithms and Democratic Political Culture

Contemporary research in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) is proving dramatically successful where earlier projects stalled. Image models and language models today display sophisticated (and sometimes uncanny) abilities in some narrow domains. Various flavors of machine learning see applications in many industries, and seem poised to seriously alter creative human work, policing and surveillance, medicine, entertainment, war, prediction and forecasting, etc. There is an opening for philosophers to write about the character and use of such systems now, as they grow out of their infancy and see increasingly widespread integration in society – and before their norms and uses become established, locked in, and hard to change.

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