Philosophy Casting Call Podcast Teaser

Hello, all you lovely BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY readers!

My name is Élaina Gauthier-Mamaril and I am the host of a new philosophy podcast that is dropping on 31 May 2021. As a disabled hapa woman philosopher, I wanted to use my love of the audio medium of podcasting to spotlight and amplify underrepresented philosophers. I am thrilled to announce that I am launching my first episode with my interview with Shelley Tremain and you can listen to teaser below.

Philosophy Casting Call podcast Instagram audiogram with black on red lettering stating “s01ep01 with Shelley Tremain” with a quote from Shelley saying ” I call it a medicalized approach because the approach isn’t static. It shifts to accommodate resistances to it.”

You can listen to and follow Philosophy Casting Call here:

or on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Stitcher, Good Pods, Google Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Full transcripts can be found here and you can support the podcast here.

To keep up with all things Philosophy Casting Call, follow the show on Instagram and Twitter @philoccpod.

About elainagmamaril

Philosopher focusing on philosophy of disability, mass disablement in general and long-COVID in particular, and zombies.

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