CFP: Special Issue of Essays in Philosophy: Care Ethics Otherwise (deadline: Aug. 1, 2022)

In this special issue, we aim to include essays focused on previously underexplored approaches to examining and practicing care ethics. We are seeking work that actively decenters understandings of care rooted in white, bourgeois, heteronormative domestic/kinship norms and practices. 

We understand this special issue as an exercise in doing care ethics otherwise. By this we mean (at least) two things. First, we are looking to the margins, to the underground, to unconventional domains to invite reflection on care ethics from those who are regularly othered or experience themselves as “the other.” Second, we are motivated to create this special issue with a focus on reimagining and remaking care ethics otherwise we risk neglecting important opportunities to grow care ethics in new, more inclusive directions.

Essays in Philosophy is an open access journal that publishes original peer-reviewed articles that contribute to the scholarly literature on topics in philosophy, applied ethics, and public policy. It is published by the Philosophy Documentation Center, in cooperation with Pacific University.

Possible themes for this special issue include but are not limited to:

  • racialization, anti-Blackness, and care labor 
  • perspectives on care ethics developed from Black feminist scholarship 
  • care ethics and decolonization
  • approaches to care ethics focused on addressing structural and institutional oppression 
  • care, vulnerability, precarity, and state abandonment
  • biomedicalization, wellness, medical access, and care, especially for LGBTQIA+ folks 
  • care ethics and trauma-informed care
  • decoupling care and love
  • the relationship between care and contempt, anger, and indignation 
  • friendship, queer kinship, and care beyond the nuclear family
  • care, polyamory, and non-monogamy 
  • care, sex work, and marriage/ family abolition 
  • care ethics, prison abolition, and transformative justice 
  • anthropocenic catastrophe, grief, ecology, and care
  • geographies and geopolitics of care 
  • care, dependency, and disability justice
  • care beyond human worlds 
  • anonymity, proximity, and questions of responsibility in care ethics 
  • global care chains and marginalized care workers
  • tech and care

All submissions should be sent via email to the General Editor, Ramona Ilea, at:

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