Solidarity with CUPE and Other Unions

BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY positions itself in SOLIDARITY with CUPE education workers and all other unions and workers in Canada who are under attack from neoliberal governments that use legislative tactics like the bill that the Doug Ford Government of Ontario passed on Thursday.

The passage of Bill 28 is a violation of the most fundamental rights of workers — the right to strike and the right to negotiate a contract — and the appeal to the Notwithstanding Clause marks the incremental chipping away by Ford and provincial governments of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Enormous gratitude to the 55,000 CUPE workers who have displayed remarkable tenacity as they defend the rights and livelihoods of all workers across Canada, as well as the quality of education for disabled students and every other student in Ontario.


Description of image below: image of solidarity fist. A raised fist with thumb over forefingers.

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