philoSOPHIA 2023 Conference Schedule, Hybrid, Jun. 1-3, 2023

Thursday, June 1st 4PM – 5PM Registration 5PM – 6:30PM In-person Keynote #1: Stephanie Rivera Berruz, “Morir-Vivir Beyond the Human: Partial Ecological Connections and the Reconceptualization of Life” Moderator: Martin Shuster 6:30PM – 8PM Refreshments 6:30-7:30PM Projective Eye Gallery Tour with Adam Justice “Awaiting the Vertical, featuring work by Halide Salam” Friday, June 2nd 8AM […]

Dialogues on Disability: Shelley Tremain Interviews Kristin Rodier

Hello, I’m Shelley Tremain and I’d like to welcome you to the ninety-sixth installment of Dialogues on Disability, the series of interviews that I am conducting with disabled philosophers and post to BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY on the third Wednesday of each month. The series is designed to provide a public venue for discussion with disabled philosophers […]

A Brief Review of Hay’s Think Like a Feminist (Repost)

[This review appeared on BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY last year on March 9th, the day following International Women’s Day. The original post of it is here.] Yesterday marked International Women’s Day and thus my Twitter feed was replete with neoliberal corporate and other ableist governmental discourses about women’s achievements and goals to commemorate the occasion. Several tweets […]

Feminism, Ableism, and Medical Assistance in Dying, Mar. 13, 2023, UBC/Online

Sponsor: Peter A. Allard School of Law, University of British Columbia When: Monday, March 13, 12:30pm-2:00pm Pacific Time Where: DLA Piper Hall, Room 104, and virtually EVENT DESCRIPTION This panel discusses Track 2 MAiD in Canada: medical assistance in dying for people with disabilities who are not at the end of their natural lives. Presenters […]

CFP: Hypatia 40th Anniversary Conference, University of Oregon/Online, Sept. 6-9, 2023 (deadline: Mar. 1, 2023)

In their opening Editorial Statement “The Promise of Feminist Philosophy,” 2019, the current editorial team recalled Sara Ahmed’s reflections on the word “feminism,” and her acknowledgement that feminist writing is often “a way of holding onto the promise of that word.” The team pledged to work toward Hypatia‘s promise, to take up feminism’s deepest aspirations […]

Feminist Philosophers, The Last of Us, and What Solidarity Requires

As you might have inferred from the speakers lists of the Philosophy, Disability and Social Change conferences, from the endurance of the Dialogues on Disability series, and from the table of contents for the forthcoming The Bloomsbury Guide to Philosophy of Disability, I am surrounded by a cadre of disabled and nondisabled philosophers of disability–all […]

CFP: Feminist Approaches to Moral Responsibility (deadline approaching: April 30, 2023)

This is a call for papers for a special issue of Feminist Philosophy Quarterly on feminist approaches to moral responsibility. Feminist philosophy provides unique insight into the ontology, epistemology, psychology, pragmatics, and politics of responsibility. Unlike mainstream philosophy, feminist philosophy is inherently political and committed to social change. Feminist theory seeks to diagnose a range of interlocking […]

Webinaire Justice Épistémique // Epistemic Justice Webinar

La Chaire de recherche du Canada sur l’injustice et l’agentivité épistémiques lance une nouvelle série de conférences en ligne, mettant de l’avant des chercheur-es sous-représenté-es en philosophie et dans le monde académique et/ou qui travaillent sur des questions liées aux groupes minorisés. Les séances auront lieu entièrement en ligne sur Zoom. La Chaire est ravie […]

Elia Nathan Bravo on Witches and Empty Concepts

Elia Nathan Bravo did not believe in witches, not in the classical European sense of  a “sorceress with the power to cast curses thanks to a fidelity pact with the devil.” (Nathan Bravo 2002: 122)  Even more, she was certain that there were no witches, at least as certain as we are that there are […]