CFA: Annual Conference of SWIP-Ireland, Dublin City University, Apr. 26-28, 2019 (deadline: Mar. 8, 2019)

7th Annual Conference and General Meeting of SWIP-Ireland

26-28 April, 2019

Dublin City University, Ireland

Conference Theme: Gender and Philosophy

SWIP-Ireland invites abstracts for papers that engage with the topic of gender and philosophy, broadly construed, from all philosophical traditions and approaches.

The confirmed keynote speakers are: 

Charlotte Witt (University of New Hampshire)

Christine Battersby (University of Warwick)

Katherine O’Donnell (University College Dublin) 

The conference particularly welcomes papers that engage with themes from their work on the question of Gender and Philosophy, including:  

o  The Metaphysics of Gender  (Witt, 2011)

o  Feminist Metaphysics (Battersby, 1998)

o  Gender and Identity: contemporary and historical perspectives (O’Donnell 2014, O’Donnell and Giffney, 2008)

o  The Gender Dimension of Creative Genius and Arts (Battersby, 1990)o  Gender essentialism and gender universalism (Witt 2011)

o  The social construction of Gender and justice

Papers engaging with other thinkers and areas of philosophy, relevant to the general theme of the conference, are also welcome. The topics may include but are not limited to:

·     Gender and the practical dimensions of philosophy

·     Gender and the philosophy of education 

·     Gender and political philosophy 

·     Gender and the philosophy of law 

·     Gender and the philosophy of body

·     Gender and the philosophy of human emotions 

·     Gender and the lived experiences of women

Submission Guidelines:

Abstracts for 20-minute presentations (500 words max), in Word document  should be prepared for anonymous review (together with a separate cover sheet, which includes the author’s name and contact details) and emailed by March 8, 2019.

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