CFP: Inaugural Issue of Interconnections/Interconnexions (deadline: Mar. 31, 2019)

We are pleased to announce the inaugural issue of Interconnections: Journal of Posthumanism / Interconnexions: revue de posthumanisme.

Our peer-reviewed, international, bilingual, open-access, interdisciplinary journal is devoted to theorizing what it means to think beyond both historical and current conceptions of ‘the human’ in ways that transcend the traditionally anthropocentric parameters of the humanities and social sciences.

We seek to create a broad network of collaboration across disciplines, research areas, and language.

We provide a forum for investigating problems and questions related to posthumanism and encourage contributors to devise tools and concepts to tackle the critical issues emerging within contemporary life that impact humans and nonhumans.

We foster interdisciplinary engagement by publishing work that theorizes the interrelated workings of philosophy, politics, the arts, and the sciences.

We seek contributions that move beyond Humanist frameworks and endeavour to construct theories and conceptual approaches that dismantle perceived hierarchies and categories of thought.

Our journal is the expression of posthumanism’s engagement and embrace of interconnections.

Interested authors are invited to submit their work in one of the following formats:

  • Full-length articles (7,000 to 9,000 words) that explore issues, questions, and themes pertaining to posthumanist theory and relevant to the journal’s mission;
  • Reflection pieces (3,000 to 5,000 words) that offer preliminary research on emerging issues within the field of Posthumanism;
  • Critical review essays (3,000 to 5,000 words) that offer a discussion of three or four recent works linked by a common theme or that offer an in-depth examination of a work with the potential to have a profound impact on the development of posthumanist discourse;
  • Creative work – such as photographs, drawings, poems – that explore posthumanist themes and concepts. Visual work must be accompanied by an artistic statement (1,000 to 2,000 words) discussing the work and its relation to posthumanist discourse.

We are inviting contributions that explore questions, problems, and issues in posthuman ontology, posthuman ethics and politics, posthuman aesthetics, and posthuman science. The following list is not exhaustive and we welcome any inquiry expanding on it in a generative manner.

  • How do we define the human, but also being itself in posthuman terms?
  • What is the status of beings (human, nonhuman, organic, inanimate, etc.) and relations among them? 
  • What happens to politics in the wake of the breakdown of long-held ideas about representation, the subject, progress, and reason?
  • Who/what counts as a posthuman agent? How is ethical responsibility ascribed? Toward whom?
  • How is the social world to be organized once we expand agency to nonhuman beings? Is such an expansion even possible?
  • How is the posthuman represented in a post-representational moment?
  • In what ways are new encounters conditioning new aesthetic models of sensory engagement, such as gaming, selfies, and social media?
  • What new aesthetic assemblages of the human body, including composites produced through plastic surgery, organ transplants, and bioengineering emerge once coupled with digital aesthetics?
  • How are humans and nonhumans (living and nonliving) entangled in the production of scientific knowledge? 
  • How is the being of the human and nonhuman affected by technology?
  • Is transhumanism and the experience of the cyborg a reinforcement of an anthropocentric point of view?
  • What new possibilities are open for thinking the nonhuman via science? 

Submitting your work:

Guidelines for submission of your work can be found HERE. All submissions must follow the Chicago Manual of Style. All submissions will be peer-reviewed by two anonymous reviewers. Submitted manuscripts must not have been published previously nor be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

The deadline for submission to be published in the inaugural issue is 31st March, 2019. We also invite you to submit your work on an ongoing basis to be published in future issues of the journal. We will be publishing two issues per year.

Scholars interested in submitting a proposal for a special issue or a special section of an issue of Interconnections / Interconnexions should contact the Editor, Terrance H. McDonald (

Book reviews:

Interconnections will also publish book reviews on a rolling basis. For information on books received and how to contribute a book review, contact the Book Review Editor, Chelsea Birks (

Please direct any queries about the journal to the Editor, Terrance H. McDonald ( Note that email submissions are not accepted and must be made using the online portal. 

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