Women in Modern Philosophy: An International Conference, Rio de Janiero State University, Jun. 17-20, 2019

Keynote speakers:

·       Ruth Hagengruber – Paderborn University

·       Marilena Chauí – University of São Paulo

·       Lisa Shapiro – Simon Fraser University

·       Ulysses Pinheiro – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

·       Sabbrina Ebbersmeyer – University of Copenhagen

·       Lia Levy – Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

·       Sarah Hutton – University of York

·       Christine Lopes – Independent philosopher, UK

·       Tessa Moura Lacerda – University of São Paulo

For further information, go to:



email Katarina Peixoto at: katarinapeixoto@hotmail.com

To register for the conference: mfilosofiam@gmail.com

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