Braille Transcription for Academic Materials and a New Scholarship for Disabled Students

Ohio State University’s Office of Student Life Disability Services (SLDS) now has an in-house Braille transcriber for students requesting textbook and other materials in Braille, providing a faster and more cost-effective way to serve the needs of students and university departments.

SLDS’s Lisa Vogt recently became a certified Braille transcriber through the (U.S.) National Library Service literary Braille transcription program. If you would like any of your materials produced in Braille format, please email SLDS at<>.

In addition, there is a new scholarship for Braille users at Ohio State:

Buckeye Braille Scholarship and Support Fund | Fund Number: 316584
This fund’s goal is to promote the use of Braille on the Ohio State University campus. The fund provides scholarships to disabled students. Expenditures may be used for tuition, housing, textbooks or other educational expenses, or to purchase assistive technology devices.

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