Welcome Axel Arturo Barceló Aspeitia!

I am very excited to officially announce that BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY now has an additional contributing author, Axel Arturo Barceló Aspeitia (he/him/his)! Axel has in the past contributed guest posts to both BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY and Discrimination and Disadvantage (for example, here) and is an avid participant in and contributor to BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY Facebook. Axel’s inaugural post as a contributing author appeared on the blog here earlier in the week.

We look forward to Axel’s BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY posts on a range of topics, including Mexican philosophy, aesthetics, philosophy of science, art, and diversity in philosophy. You can learn more about Axel’s research, art, and accomplishments on the Blog Contributors page here which includes links to his personal website, PhilPapers page, and Twitter account.

Please join me in welcoming Axel to BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY!

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