National Indigenous Peoples Day (June 21, 2021)

Today is the 25th anniversary of National Indigenous Peoples Day in what is called “Canada.” There is a great deal to reflect upon as Indigenous people and settler Canadians struggle to find ways through Canada’s colonial past and present, ways that could transform our collective future. The recent discovery of the remains of 215 Indigenous children at the Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia offers only a glimpse of the horrors visited upon Indigenous people of Turtle Island for which settlers must be accountable if we are to move from this place together.

I have conducted three interviews for the Dialogues on Disability series with two Indigenous disabled philosophers. I very much want to do additional interviews in the series with more Indigenous disabled philosophers. If you are an Indigenous disabled philosopher, I would love to talk with you about an interview. Please contact me at If you know a disabled Indigenous philosopher who may wish to be interviewed, please nominate them for an interview by sending me their email address or extend my request to them and pass on my email address.

The links to two interviews with Raymond Aldred and one interview with Anne Waters are copied below:

December 2019: Dialogues on Disability: Shelley Tremain Interviews Raymond Aldred

September 2015: Dialogues on Disability: Shelley Tremain Interviews Ray Aldred

August 2015: Dialogues on Disability: Shelley Tremain Interviews Anne Waters

I acknowledge that the land on which I sit to conduct these interviews is the traditional territory of the Haudenosaunee and Anishnaabeg, covered by the Upper Canada Treaties and directly adjacent to Haldiman Treaty territory. I offer these interviews with respect and the aim of decolonization.

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