Philosophy Casting Call s01ep05: On creative philosophical practices and the power of showing up w/Jen Scuro

This is the one where Élaina asks Jen Scuro about her artistic practice’s place in all the stages of her academic career. Plus, there’s a bonus update at the end!CN: Ableism and miscarriageYou can learn more about Jen on her website: and find teaching resources on her page: mentioned in the episode:

  1. Addressing Ableism, by Jennifer Scuro
  2. The Pregnancy (does not equal) Childbearing Project: A Phenomenology of Miscarriage, by Jennifer Scuro
  3. The Queer Art of Failure, by Judith Halberstam
  4. Golem Girl, by Riva Lehrer

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About elainagmamaril

Philosopher focusing on philosophy of disability, mass disablement in general and long-COVID in particular, and zombies.

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