Special Issue on Indigeneity and Disability

The current issue (vol. 41, no. 4, 2021) of the interdisciplinary journal Disability Studies Quarterly is devoted to the theme “Indigeneity and Disability.” The TOC for the issue and links to its contents are below.

Vol. 41, No. 4 (2021)

Fall 2021

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18061/dsq.v41i4

Table of Contents

Prefatory Matter

Indigeneity & Disability: Kinship, Place, and Knowledge-Making
Juliet Larkin-Gilmore, Ella Callow, Susan Burch

Section I: Kinship

Section I Introduction: Kinship
Juliet Larkin-Gilmore, Ella Callow, Susan Burch
Family History as Disability History: Native Hawaiians Surviving Medical Incarceration
Adria L. Imada
Raising Our Children with Disabilities in Akomimoksin
Pearl Yellow Old Woman-Healy, Stacey Running Rabbit
Becoming Insane: The Death of Arch Wolfe at the Canton Asylum for Insane Indians
Devon Mihesuah
Defying the odds: A self-reflection of an Indigenous woman lawyer with a disability in Ghana
Esther Akua Gyamfi
Rattlesnake Kinship: Indigeneity, Disability, Animality
Vivian Delchamps
Dangerous Representations: ‘Indigenous Infanticide,’ Disability, and Karitiana Relations in Brazil
Íris Morais Araújo
Competency, Allotment, and the Canton Asylum: The Case of a Muscogee WomanAnne GregoryHTML

Section II: Place

Section II Introduction: Place
Juliet Larkin-Gilmore, Ella Callow, Susan Burch
Inseparable: Lands and Peoples in Sacred Connection
Caroline Lieffers, In’aska (Dennis Hastings), Margery Coffey (Mi’oⁿbathiⁿ)
Colonial Forces of Environmental Violence on Deaf, Disabled, & Ill Indigenous People
Jen Deerinwater
“The Way History Lands on a Face”: Disability, Indigeneity, and Embodied Violence in Tommy Orange’s There There
Brandi Bushman, Pasquale Toscano
Enduring the Storm: Dealing with Mental Disabilities in Oceania
Juliann Anesi
Review of “Holding Up the Sky,” or Naming Maine as Wabanaki Homelands
Jess L. Cowing
‘Care and Maintenance’: Indigeneity, Disability and Settler Colonialism at the Canton Asylum for Insane Indians, 1902-1934
Sarah Whitt
Abya Yala’s Disability: Weaving With the Thread and Breath of the Ancestors
Alexander Yarza de los Ríos

Section III: Knowledge Making

Section III Introduction: Knowledge-Making
Juliet Larkin-Gilmore, Ella Callow, Susan Burch
Indigenous Concepts of Difference: an alternative to Western disability labeling
Lavonna L. Lovern
Thinking about mental health and spirituality from the Indigenous knowledge systems frame of reference
Lieketseng Ned, Lily Kpobi, Chioma Ohajunwa
Indigeneity and Disabilities in the Ecuadorian Oral History Archives
Scott Thomas Gibson, Sara Newman, Antonia Carcelen-Estrada
Elissa Washuta’s My Body is a Book of Rules: A Crip Mad Reading of Psychiatric Compliance and Resistance
Meghann O’Leary
a prescription for consent
Marina Tsaplina, Charlee Huffman (maxpú hiⁿga miⁿga)
Stories Out of Place: Archives of Disability and Settler Colonialism in and from Life of Black Hawk
Amanda Stuckey
The Fourth Lifeway: Recognizing the Legacy of Bodily Difference and Disability within the Inka Empire
Ryan Scott Hechler

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