2022 Online Symposium of the Network of Asian Environmental Philosophy, Jun. 17-18, 2022

Theme: Diversity of Environmental Philosophies in Asia
Environmental philosophy explores the ways we, humans, relate to the environment. The environmental crisis urges us to (re-)explore how we relate and act towards the natural world. Approaches to environmental philosophy broadly conceived are highly diverse. This diversity is also reflected within traditions and grassroots perspectives on environmental issues in Asia. Therefore, there is a need to develop, exchange and make accessible these approaches to foster dialogue towards sustainable solutions:

  • Can we speak of “Asian Environmental Philosophy”?
  • How is environmental philosophy conducted and practised in different contexts and traditions in Asia?
  • What are the influences of these ideas on the local ways of life?
  • What could be the role of Asian environmental philosophies in a global context?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities faced by environmental philosophy scholars in Asia?
  • What is the role of Indigenous knowledge in Asia to address environmental issues?

Language: The primary language of the conference is English. We aim to be non-native friendly, so we make it a rule that we speak slow and accessible English.

Organisation: Laÿna Droz, Orika Komatsubara, Romaric Jannel, Duy Hung Nguyen, Marie Lagasca-Hiloma, Rika Fajrini, Jerry Imbong

About the Network of Asian Environmental Philosophy (NAEP): The Network of Asian Environmental Philosophy (NAEP) was founded by a group of scholars in the field of environmental philosophy in Asia in 2019 with the goal to support works related to environmental philosophy within Asian traditions of thoughts broadly conceived or related to grassroots perspectives on environmental issues in Asia. Visit our website: http://www.asiaenviphilo.com and contact us at: asiaenviphilo@gmail.com.

The conference program is available here: https://asiaenviphilo.com/naep-online-symposium/

Register for the conference here

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