CFP: Ethics and Race, Great Lakes Philosophy Conference, Online, Apr. 14-16, 2023 (deadline: Jan. 1, 2023)

Great Lakes Philosophy Conference

Ethics and Race

Dates: April 14-16, 2023

Location: Virtual, via Microsoft Teams

Keynote Speaker:

Professor Naomi Zack, Lehman College

Deadline for Submissions: January 1st, 2023

Notification of Acceptance: January 15th, 2023

Any paper that relates to the theme of “Ethics and Race,” broadly construed, will be considered. Topics might include, but are not limited to, trends in ethics, interpersonal ethics, social ethics, ethics within and across disciplines and specialties, the intersection of ethics and politics, applied and professional ethics, metaethics, ethical theory, and ethical considerations regarding race, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, ability, etc. As we are commemorating the 30-year anniversary of Naomi Zack’s Race and Mixed Race, we are particularly interested in papers that deal directly with topics related to mixed-race and/or with the work of Dr. Zack.

This year’s conference will also feature a special stream for presentations related to the topic of “Intersectionality: problems and solutions.” Our hope is to compile a selected number of papers from this special stream and submit them, alongside other invited contributions, for publication as part of an edited volume. Authors of papers submitted for this special stream will be invited to submit their fully completed papers for consideration for inclusion in the publication proposal. For details regarding this publication, please contact Dr. Leland Harper at

We hope to have an interdisciplinary event and welcome submissions from undergraduates, graduate students, and professional philosophers, as well as from a range of fields including philosophy, law, public policy, business, medicine, history, religious studies, political science, social science, or related fields. Submissions from active scientists, researchers, or practitioners are also welcome, particularly insofar as those presentations could complement the theme of the conference. We also especially welcome proposals from women and minorities, and are committed to making this year’s conference inclusive and welcoming to all. And, new this year, through a partnership with A2Ethics, we are happy to invite submissions from high school students.

**There will be a prize for the best undergraduate student paper.**

**There will be a prize for the best graduate student paper.**

**There will be a prize for the high school student paper.**

To submit a paper for consideration, please submit an extended abstract of up to 500 words. All submissions will be peer-reviewed. Please submit abstracts as .doc, .docx, or .pdf, at

Final papers should be suitable for a 20-25 minute presentation. Presentations should aim to be accessible and lively as part of constructive, collaborative, informal sessions.

The Great Lakes Philosophy Conference is being hosted by the Siena Heights University philosophy department with generous support from the Aquinas Forum at Siena Heights University and A2Ethics. Send any questions to

Please note that there will be a small registration fee associated with participation in this conference.

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