CFP: Caribbean Philosophical Association: Twenty Years of Shifting the Geography of Reason: Continuing the Struggle, Jun. 22-24, 2023, Online (deadline: today!)

During its twenty years of existence, the Caribbean Philosophical Association (CPA) has been shifting the geography of reason. It has done so through cultivating discerning praxes of thought that are committed to ascertaining the conditions through which human freedom and oppression are both sustained and usurped. 

For our June 2023 gathering, we invite participants to continue the project of shifting the geography of reason through knowledge and knowledge production  in light of the many challenges we face today, including but not limited to: sustained attacks on democracy and political institutions, unashamed falshoodism and alternative factism, severe socio-economic North-South disparities, armed conflicts, aggressive liberal economism, ecological disasters, and the consequences of the ever-increasing presence of technology and artificial intelligence. 

How do learned organizations such as the CPA and its allied counterparts adjust with agility to the obscuring of knowledge? What does it mean to produce and disseminate knowledge in this current era? How can ethical epistemology become an irremovable core of human affairs? 

 The Caribbean Philosophical Association calls for papers to be presented at its virtually held Shifting the Geography of Reason XXI Annual Meeting that engage the notion of knowledge, knowledge production, ethical epistemology, and the work of learned societies that support humankind’s uplift.

We will grant preference to papers directly anchored in the question of knowledge, knowledge production and ethical epistemology while also accepting proposals considering the CPA’s global, historic principle of Shifting the Geography of Reason. We are interested in work that emerges across all disciplines and modalities of human expression and is informed by commitments to global contexts through which shifting the geography of reason continues and deepens.   

Participation in the conference is contingent on formal membership in the Caribbean Philosophical Association. To become a member of the association, please register here.

Guidelines: Please submit your individual and panel proposals by March 31st, 2023 via this webpage.

Length of individual presentation: Each presenter reads for 15 minutes.

Languages: Creole, English, French, Portuguese, or Spanish.

Instructions for individual and panel abstracts:

Individual abstracts: Submit proposals through this page. Enter the presenter’s name and institution, rank, (where applicable), email address, title and a 150-word abstract.

Abstracts for panels: Panels are made up of at least three presenters and a maximum of four. On behalf of their fellow panelists, the chair of the panel submits all abstracts via this page. Each abstract should be a maximum of 150 words. Each individual abstract should start with the presenter’s name, the presenter’s institution of affiliation, rank (where applicable), and email address. In addition to their individual abstract, the chair of the panel should submit a brief abstract for the panel, containing the panel’s title and an abstract of a maximum of 150 words.

Number of proposals per participants: Individuals can submit only one proposal. However, they can participate in other capacities as session chairs or roundtable discussants.

Inquiries: All inquiries can be sent to

For more information, go here.

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