Lecture Series: Introduction to Indigenous Philosophy of North America, Online, Apr. 13-Jun.7, 2023

How can one become aware of the presuppositions of one’s own thinking without questioning familiar knowledge structures through other perspectives? In this lecture series, we want to break down the narrow meshes of Western thinking together and introduce the basic philosophical principles of the indigenous peoples of North America. From different perspectives, we will present, among other things, the relationship between environment, individual and society, the contrast between Western and Indigenous North American epistemologies and ontologies, the importance of language and art as a means of influencing political reality, and the generation of knowledge in Indigenous societies. The aim of the event is to overcome stereotypes, promote intercultural discourse and open up new philosophical approaches to old and new questions. We warmly welcome all interested people, regardless of background!

To receive the zoom link for the event, please write a message to: leonis.krude@st.ovgu.de. Members of OvGU Magdeburg can participate in the broadcast from room G40B – 331.


13.04.2023 Charlene Moore (University of Winnipeg)
“How the Land Shapes Us: Indigenous Philosophies and Nation Building”

27.04.2023 Yaroslav Sobolievskyi (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv)
“American Indian Thought: An Outside View”

11.05.2023 Brian Burkhart (University of Oklahoma)
“Thinking through the Land: Indigenous Decolonial Land-based Philosophy and Climate Change”

08.06.2023 Andrea Custer (First Nations University of Canada)
“kāhkithaw niwāhkōmākanak – All My Relations”

22.06.2023 Shay Welch (Spelman College)
“Native American Dance and Democracy”

06.07.2023 Shandin Pete (University of British Columbia)
“Indigenous Perspectives on Knowledge Production in Landscapes: Navigating Philosophical Commitments and Engagements with Place”

The event is organised by Leonis Krude and the Student Council of Philosophy-Neuroscience-Cognition at the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg with the friendly support of Dr. Christina Kast and Dr. Antonio Roselli.

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  1. La realidad política pensada sin la importancia de los saberes de los pueblos originarios genera un distanciamiento en la nueva construcción societal a la que estamos llamados. La humanidad con los problemas de calentamiento global, sobre población relacionada con la soberanía alimentaria, hábitat digno, acceso al trabajo y los efectos posteriores al Coronavirus, presentan nuevas identidades. En las que debe mirarse y analizarse las formas de redistribución, equidad de los distintos grupos poblacionales a nivel global, y la justicia social vista desde la naturaleza. Es decir, estamos ante la construcción del nuevo sujeto político con un claro interrogante ¿del cómo materializar el enfoque de género en todo este andamiaje social?.


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