The Ethics of Praise

Thanks to the LATAM Free Will Project I just had he chance to attend a very interesting workshop on The Ethics of Praise. It started with a talk by Andrea Vial on the amazing work she has been doing on the relation between praise and stereotypes. In particular, she gave empirical evidence that, for example, […]

Philosophy Casting Call s01ep02

My interview with Lisa Martinez-Katout is now available in your feeds! We discuss studying philosophy of race after a career in finance, teaching in jails, and asking for want you need in academia. You can listen to the podcast here: and read the show notes and transcript here: Please share, rate, and review to support […]

Bart Geurts’ Normative Pragmatics

According to Bart Geurt’s recent work, we, animals, use signals when we want others to behave in a certain way. Others, of course, need to also be motivated if we want them to do what we want. Thus, when we use signals we do not only express our desire to have others do something, but […]

Five Books of Contemporary Philosophy made in Mexico you ought to read right now!

Part I: Those already available in English Poverty: A Philosophical Approach by Paulette DieterlenA philosophical evaluation, based both on concrete observations and theoretical arguments, of the difficult interactions between poverty and public policy. In Dieterlen’s approach, poverty is both a political problem, for it involves exclusion and disenfranchisement, and an ethical problem in so far […]

Sesgos Cognitivos e Injusticias Estructurales

Al adquirir hábitos de pensamiento que nos permiten participar ‘mejor’ de una práctica social, adquirimos también sesgos que pueden llevarnos a cometer errores que no afectan nuestra participación en dichas prácticas pero sí pueden tener costos (sociales, epistémicos, ecológicos, etc.) sustanciales.

Dialogues on Disability on Wednesday, February 17th, at 8 am EST

“I have read almost all of your interviews and they are always wonderful. …  I am really looking forward to the next installment of Dialogues on Disability.” — Adrian Piper “The Dialogues on Disability platform … has been very helpful to me, especially at times where I did not feel I belong in the world of […]

Hendricks, Philosophy, MAiD, and Eugenics: Making the Connections

What seems to have gone largely unnoticed about the post at Daily Nous by Perry Hendricks is that it attempts to sever any connection between the subject matter of a submission for potential publication and whether the submission is accepted for publication. The implication is that just as there is no systemic correspondence between subject […]

Injusticia Epistémica y Espacio Público según Ángeles Eraña

El nuestro es un espacio público deficiente, injusto, en el que algunos ya saben que no importa lo que los otros digan o piensen porque se pueden descontar fácilmente sus aportaciones, como ignorantes o estúpidas; un espacio en el que la única razón por las que se invitan ciertas voces no es para escucharlas sino […]

Philosophy of Disability, Conceptual Engineering, and the Nursing Home-Industrial-Complex

The writing below constitutes an excerpt of the penultimate version of my article “Philosophy of Disability, Conceptual Engineering, and the Nursing Home-Industrial-Complex,” which will appear in Philosophies of Disability and the Global Pandemic, a special issue that I’m guest editing for The International Journal of Critical Diversity Studies. The issue should be out by June […]

Por qué la ley española de eutanasia marginaliza a los discapacitados

Al final de un artículo reciente, el filósofo Pablo de Lora a propósito de la reciente proposición de ley orgánica de regulación de la eutanasia por parte del grupo parlamentario socialista en España, ha escrito: Una mejor atención paliativa del dolor y del sufrimiento al final de la vida, o en las condiciones invalidantes y […]