BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY aims to provide the philosophical community with a forum for critical analysis of biopolitical asymmetries and other mechanisms and effects of power in philosophy and beyond. The BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY insignia in the banner depicts a dandelion, suggesting life, networks, systems, and change (photo credit: James Niland).

BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY will showcase the insights of members of underrepresented constituencies in philosophy and shine a spotlight on the work of marginalized areas of specialization in the discipline, drawing attention to institutional and structural inequalities within philosophy (as well as beyond) and offering a platform for disabled philosophers and members of other subordinated groups in the profession of philosophy to gain the experience and skills required to engage in the practice of philosophy. Over the coming months, we will invite other underrepresented and marginalized philosophers to join BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY as contributing authors.

You can also get involved in the exciting work of BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY by: (1) sharing our posts on social media; (2) following us on Twitter (@biopoliticalph) and joining our Facebook group (BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY); (3) discussing BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY posts with your colleagues and students; (4) submitting a pitch for a guest post; (5) sending us your news and announcements; and (6) submitting comments directly to posts on the blog. Indeed, we encourage blog comments and emailed feedback on all aspects of BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY. 

We welcome the expression of all marginalized, excluded, and inchoate ideas that work in concert with the general vision of BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY. We want to note, therefore, that some ideas presented on BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY—in, for example, guest posts or comments, Call for Papers, or other announcements—will not necessarily represent the views of the administrators of the blog.

We will moderate comments on BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY. Comments that attack or demean the authors of the blog or other commenters to it will be challenged or deleted. Although signed comments are preferred, anonymous comments may be permitted.

We hope that henceforth you make visiting BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY a routine part of your day. Vital philosophy lives and grows at the margins.

Yours in struggle,     

Shelley Tremain and Melinda Hall

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