Bibliographies and Introductory Reading Guides in Recognition of Black History Month

Last weekend, Patrick O’Donnell, a member of BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY’s Facebook group who wrote a guest post for us last month, generously shared a number of his bibliographies and reading guides with the group in recognition of Black History Month.

These bibliographies and reading guides are listed below with hyperlinks in the titles that will take you to the given documents on Patrick’s page. When you go to Patrick’s page, be sure to leave him a message thanking him for all his efforts!

After Slavery & Reconstruction: The Black Struggle in the U.S. for Freedom, Equality, and Self-Realization – A Bibliography

Blacks on the (Radical) Left: A Select Bibliography

The Black Panther Party: Suggested Reading

C.L.R. James: Marxist-Humanist and Afro-Trinidadian Socialist – A Basic Reading Guide

Detroit: Labor & Industrialization, Race & Politics, Rebellion & Resurgence – A Select Bibliography

The Haitian Revolution: A Basic Reading Guide

Pan-Africanism, Black Internationalism, & Black Cosmopolitanism: A Bibliography

Philosophy & Racism: A Basic Bibliography

Slavery: A Basic Bibliography

South African Liberation Struggles: Bibliography

Frantz Fanon: A Basic Bibliography

Africana and African American Philosophy Bibliography

Blacks and Food Justice: A Guide to Resources

Black Athletes and Sports: A Brief Reading Guide

Malcolm X (May 19, 1925 – February 21, 1965) – A Basic Reading Guide

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