Senator McPhedran and Bill C-7 Amendment

Here is a must-watch speech by Senator Marilou McPhedran in the current Canadian Senate debate on Bill C-7, proposed legislation to remove the foreseeable death clause from current MAiD legislation.

Senator McPhedran, who has a long history of work on policy instruments with respect to international treaties, human rights, and minority populations, both disputes a number of the claims that proponents of the bill have employed to push it into law in haste and underscores how rare it is for the United Nations to intervene on such matters of domestic policy.

In sum, Senator McPhedran (in my view) effectively dismantles the claims according to which (1) marginalized communities in Canada have been appropriately consulted about the legislation and its likely impacts on them; (2) the proposed legislation treats disabled Canadians equally; and (3) racialized and poor disabled Canadians will not be disproportionately affected by the legislation.

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