The Disability Filibuster is Live!

The Disability Filibuster that I posted about on Sunday is now live. We were Zoom bombed twice shortly after we got started Monday evening and shut down temporarily. However, we were determined to resume as soon as the main organizers and media people at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD), which has provided all of our technical support, could set up a safe and reliable online venue for us.

We have returned and we have resolve.

Demonstrate your support for disabled Canadians by joining our livestream at

We are broadcasting non-stop, around-the-clock, as crip time allows us to do.

Show up and learn about the disastrous impact that Bill C-7 will have on disabled Canadians, especially poor, BIPOC, queer, and trans disabled people in Canada.

Watch how we begin to move forward, together, in solidarity with each other.

From 2-3pm EST today (Wednesday, March 10), I will present a paper on nursing homes, MAiD, Bill C-7, and philosophy of disability. I will also be live tweeting about the Disability Filibuster for its duration.

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