Why Feminist Philosophy of Science? Thurs. Mar. 11, at 5 pm (CET) / 11 am (EST) / 8 am (PST)

Sharon Crasnow and Kristen Intemann, the editors of The Routledge Handbook of Feminist Philosophy of Science, to which I had the pleasure to contribute, will be this week’s speakers at the colloquium of the Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research (Konrad-Lorenz-Institut für Evolutions- und Kognitionsforschung). This Zoom colloquium will revolve around questions that arose for Crasnow and Intemann in the planning stages of the anthology.

Here is an abstract for the colloquium:

In this talk we address the question raised by the title through a discussion of the aims of our recently published Routledge Handbook of Feminist Philosophy of Science. We first clarify how we have understood both feminism and philosophy of science and in what ways we see the intersection of these as having contributed to a better understanding of both. We illustrate this through looking at several of the chapters indicating how they support our motives for exploring feminist philosophy of science. Specifically, we consider the value of rewriting the history of the philosophy of science so the participation of women is acknowledged, several ways in which bias both in what is studied and how it is studied can limit our understanding of the world, the importance of diversity, and the equitable distribution of the benefits and burdens of the products of science.  

Register for the colloquium here: https://kli.ac.at/en/events/event_calendar/view/604

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