CFP: Hypatia 40th Anniversary Conference, University of Oregon/Online, Sept. 6-9, 2023 (deadline: Mar. 1, 2023)

In their opening Editorial Statement “The Promise of Feminist Philosophy,” 2019, the current editorial team recalled Sara Ahmed’s reflections on the word “feminism,” and her acknowledgement that feminist writing is often “a way of holding onto the promise of that word.” The team pledged to work toward Hypatias promise, to take up feminism’s deepest aspirations and use the journal’s pages to lift up a plurality of feminist voices.

“Opening the Archives” references the literal opening of the new Hypatia archives at the University of Oregon’s Knight Library, which will occur during the conference. It also points to a more figurative opening of the archives, centering feminist thought that has often been marginalized or absent from (now) legitimized feminist spaces, like Hypatia itself. How might feminist philosophy recognize its accomplishments and reckon with its own troublesome history?

“Charting Feminist Futures” returns focus to our aspirations for feminist philosophy. Where does feminist philosophy need to go from here? What directions are being charted now for our feminist futures? What charting remains to be done?

Papers with a strong philosophical dimension on any topic of feminist concern will be considered, though preference will be given to papers that are related, in a broad sense, to our conference themes.

Graduate students are eligible for the graduate student essay prize. The winner will be announced at the conference, and will be considered for publication in Hypatia.

Please exclude identifying information from your file for anonymous review.

You may submit either:

  • COMPLETE PAPERS (between 3,000 and 3,500 words, exclusive of notes and references), with brief abstracts (200 words). Papers longer than 3,500 words will not be accepted
  • PANELS, consisting of three complete papers {of no more than 2500 words each, exclusive of notes and references), with brief abstracts (150 words each).

Submit here.

The conference poster with headshots of the various plenary presenters is below.

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