In a few weeks, BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY will have been active for six months. During that time, more than 130 items have appeared here. Our readership/listenership is steadily increasing in numbers and expanding internationally. Every day, more and more philosophers and close associates read/listen to posts here and become a part of the global BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY community on Facebook. Needless to say, Melinda and I are extremely pleased that BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY (both the blog and the Facebook group) has become a resource and touchstone for many disabled philosophers, racialized philosophers, trans philosophers, and members of other marginalized constituencies in philosophy. Consider joining us if you have not already done so.

This post is an open invitation to philosophers who are members of an underrepresented group in philosophy and/or specialize in a marginalized area of the discipline to write a guest post for BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY. We want to provide a venue for your ideas, your concerns, and your passions.

Among other things, writing a guest post for BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY is an excellent opportunity for you to articulate arguments that may not be journal-ready, are inchoate, transgressive, or may be perceived by other philosophers as “too radical” or “too ideological” for professional philosophy.

A guest post is, furthermore, a vehicle through which you can connect and build alliances with philosophers in far-off places and publicly engage with your colleagues in a non-threatening venue.

Your contribution to BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY can be a strategic device, a device that incrementally works to reform and transform the discipline.

To pitch a proposal for a guest post, you can either complete the form on the Pitch page of BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY here or get in touch with me and Melinda by email. Our email addresses are available on the Blog Contributors page of BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY here.

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