List of Speakers for Philosophy, Disability, and Social Change

Philosophy, Disability, and Social Change, the online conference that I mentioned last week, is four months away; yet, already, anticipation and excitement about the event have started to build. Indeed, I predict that Philosophy, Disability, and Social Change will be the philosophy conference of the year. Philosophy, Disability, and Social Change, which Jonathan Wolff and I, as organizers, have expanded from two days to three, will take place December 9th-11th.

I will post the full program for this path-breaking conference next month. To give you a glimpse of what to expect, however, I have copied the preliminary speaker list below. The speakers are:

Grace Cebrero

Robert Chapman

Michelle Ciurria

Catherine Clune-Taylor

Tommy Curry

Emily R. Douglas

Johnathan Flowers

August Gorman

Lori Gruen

Melinda Hall

Elvis Imafidon

Paul Lodge

Julie Maybee

Christine Overall

Joseph Stramondo

Shelley Tremain

Jonathan Wolff

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