Public Philosophy and the Horrors of the Nursing Home-Industrial Complex in Canada

If you have been reading or listening to BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY since at least earlier this year, you will know that my previous posts about nursing homes and COVID-19 (here, here, and here) helped to expose the terrible situation in these institutions with respect to the pandemic in particular and drew attention to the institutionalization of seniors, elders, and younger disabled people more generally.

Today, a brief report that I wrote about the situation in Canadian nursing homes has been posted to the blog of the World Institute on Disability (WID). I wrote the report last month and it already needs unfortunate updates.

Since I wrote the report, that is, the Conservative government of Ontario has released a document which effectively ensures that for-profit nursing homes will not be held accountable for the horrible circumstances that they have fostered nor the thousands of deaths that these circumstances have entailed. Expect my discussion of this report from the Ford Conservative government.

Yesterday, furthermore, articles appeared in major American news outlets indicating that similar measures will likely be enacted with respect to COVID-19 deaths in American nursing homes, all in the service of protecting corporate interests and the interests of the nursing home-industrial complex more generally.

You can find my report entitled “The Horrors of the Nursing Home-Industrial-Complex in Canada” posted at the blog of the World Institute on Disability here.

Yesterday’s article in Mother Jones about the proposed immunity measures to protect nursing-home owners and the nursing home-industrial complex in the U.S. can be found here.

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