What “Philosophy, Disability, and Social Change” Will Be and Do

We are currently at work to set up the webpage for “Philosophy, Disabiilty, and Social Change,” the online conference that will take place from December 9th-11th. I posted the draft program for the conference last week here. The final program is now set and the webpage for the conference should be operational very soon. Needless to say, I will both post the final program on BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY and link to the conference webpage.

As I put together some content for the conference’s webpage, I decided to share the description of the conference that I wrote for the webpage. I think this blurb aptly articulates the aims, expectations, and hopes that the organizers and participants of the conference hold. I’ve copied the description below.


Philosophy, Disability, and Social Change comprises presentations by disabled philosophers whose cutting-edge research challenges members of the philosophical community to (1) think more critically about the metaphysical and epistemological status of disability; (2) closely examine how philosophy of disability is related to the tradition and discipline of philosophy; (3) acknowledge the continuing exclusion of disabled philosophers from the profession of philosophy; (4) seriously consider how philosophy and philosophers contribute to the pervasive inequality and subordination that disabled people confront throughout society; and (5) develop mechanisms designed to transform the current professional and institutional position of disabled philosophers in particular and the economic, political, and social position of disabled people more generally. The conference will highlight the diversity and range of approaches to critical philosophical work on disability and showcase the heterogeneity with respect to race, gender, nationality, sexuality, gender identity, culture, age, and class of the community of disabled philosophers.

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