New Issue of Krisis: The Care Dossier I

New Issue Krisis: The Care Dossier I

The latest issue of Krisis, a journal for contemporary philosophy, is now online. This issue includes the  first installment of a two-part “Care Dossier,” which explores the various forms that ‘care’ can take beyond dyadic, personal relationships of dependency. All articles are open-access and can be found at

Table of contents:



Rhiannon Lindgren, “The Limits of Mutual Aid and the Promise of Liberation within Radical Politics of Care”

Ludovica D’Alessandro, “Careful Cracks: Resistant Practices of Care and Affect-ability”

Linda Kopitz, “Affective Architecture: Encountering Care in Built Environments”

Maren Wehrle, “Verloren normaliteit? Van het verlangen naar autoriteit naar een beauvoiraanse ethiek der dubbelzinnigheid”

Matthias Pauwels, “Staging Uncivility, Or, The Performative Politics of Radical Decolonial Iconoclasm”


Estelle Ferrarese, Liesbeth Schoonheim & Tivadar Vervoort, “The Politics of Vulnerability and Care: An Interview with Estelle Ferrarese”

Bram Wiggers and Jason Read, “Thinking Transindividuality along the Spinoza-Marx Encounter: A Conversation”


Federica Gregoratto, Heikki Ikäheimo, Emmanuel Renault, Arvi Särkelä and Italo Testa, “Critical Naturalism: A Manifesto”

Review Essays

Patricia de Vries, “The Uncaring Feedback Loop of the Care-Industrial Complex, and Why Things Go On Like This” (Review of: Emma Dowling, The Care Crisis: What Causes It and How We Can End It)

Sue Shon, “Art’s Work in Mnemonic Care” (Review of: Mihaela Mihai, Political Memory and the Aesthetics of Care: The Art of Complicity and Resistance)

Tim Christiaens, “A Thousand Agambens to Replace the One We Have” (Review of: Adam Kotsko, Agamben’s Philosophical Trajectory)

Paul Gorby, “Critiquing Immunity, Critiquing Security” (Review of: Mark Nucleous, The Politics of Immunity: Security and the Policing of Bodies)

Maarten van Tunen, “Propaganda, Politics, Philosophy: A Critical Review Essay on Jason Stanley’s How Propaganda Works(2015) and How Fascism Works (2018)”

Krisis is completely open-access. Please consider donating to keep our research accessible to everyone. 

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