philoSOPHIA 2023 Conference Schedule, Hybrid, Jun. 1-3, 2023

Thursday, June 1st

4PM – 5PM


5PM – 6:30PM

In-person Keynote #1:

Stephanie Rivera Berruz, “Morir-Vivir Beyond the Human: Partial Ecological Connections and the Reconceptualization of Life”

Moderator: Martin Shuster

6:30PM – 8PM



Projective Eye Gallery Tour with Adam Justice “Awaiting the Vertical, featuring work by Halide Salam”

Friday, June 2nd

8AM – 9AM

Registration, Refreshments

9AM – 10:20 AM

Session 1A* (*will include live interpretation services )

Leyla Savloff, “‘No Estamos Todas, Faltan Las Presas’” (We are Not All Here, Incarcerated Women are Missing) – Feminist Collectives and Interdependence in Argentina”

Marianna Poyares, “Accompaniment as sisterhood: undoing the patriarchal ties of sanctuary activism”

Taylor Rogers, “Multiplicitous Grief: Butler, Anzaldúa, and Reparative Ontologies of Loss”

Moderator: Andrea Dionne Warmack

Session 1B

Jack R Leff, “Tear Gas, Atmospheres of Nationalism, and Racial Hierarchy”

Hannah R. Bacon, “Abolitional Time: Situated Ethical Responsibility for Carceral Time”

Muhammad Velji, “From Security to Safety: How the Transformative Justice Movement Allows us to See a New Way of Connecting Self Transformation to Social Transformation”

Moderator: Imge Oranli

Session 1C

Jill Drouillard, “Of Worlds, Not Words: Bridging Heidegger with Border Consciousness and Trans Poetics”

Oliver McGowan, “Somebody Think of the Children!: Anti-Trans Legislation, Moral Panics, and the Possibility of Queer Flourishing”

Chris Jingchao Ma, “Reading Irigaray and Grosz against cisgenderism”

Moderator: Tal-Hi (Tali) Bitton

10:20AM – 10:30AM


10:30AM – NOON

Session 2A* (*will include live interpretation services)

Panel: “Mycorrhizal movements: A transnational fungal-feminist approach to building coalitional dialogues across territorial difference”

Presenters: Elspeth Mitchell, Lenka Vráblíková, Xalli Zúñiga, and Perry Zurn

Moderators: Xalli Zúñiga & Perry Zurn

Session 2B

Selin Islekel, “‘We Come Together for Truth’: Mothers’ Movements, Techniques of Mourning, and Decolonial Feminist Practices of Truth”

Tal-Hi (Tali) Bitton, “Palestinian Women and the Contours of Reproductive Struggle”

Desiree Valentine, “Reparations for Racialized Reproductive Oppression”

Moderator: Devonya N. Havis

Session 2C

Pedagogy Workshop: “Beyond ‘Add students and stir’: Co-teaching with Students, the Collaborative Classroom, and So Much More”

Facilitators: Emily Lange, Ann J. Cahill, Stephen Block-Schulman

NOON – 1:30PM


1:30PM – 2:50PM

Session 3 A* (*will include live interpretation services )

Shaila Wadhwani-Greenhalgh, “Cohabitation after Modernity – Domestication as Coalition and Critique”

Andrea Dionne Warmack, “Notes Toward Homing”

Jeta Mulaj, “Travelling to the Servants’ Quarters: The Limits of Lugones’ Transnational Feminism”

Moderator: Anwar Uhuru

Session 3B

Caleb Ward, “Imperial Conditioning: Audre Lorde against Complicity with Empire”

Rhiannon Lindgren, “Care Chains, Capital, and Class: Towards International Feminist Solidarity”

Namita Goswami, “Riding the Hyphen of Another Mother Tongue: Moving Devi 2.0”

Moderator: Jack Leff

Session 3C

Stephen D Seely & Yvette Russell, “The Interval: A Framework for Decolonizing Erotic Justice?”

Amanda Pinto, “Theorizing Sexual Resistance through a Pole Dance Studio with the works of María Lugones and L.H. Stallings”

Paria Gashtili, “Lived Experience of the World: Latina Feminist Phenomenology and the Public / Private Distinction in Muslim Societies”

Moderator: Zama Dube

2:50PM – 3:00PM


3:00 PM – 4:20PM

Session 4A* (*will include live interpretation services )

Ada Jaarsma & Suze Berkhout, “Sylvia Wynter and Bodymind Stories”

Nicholas Osaka, “Interpreting Feminisms Between and Across Generations of the Japanese Diaspora: Feminist Practices of the Nikkei”

Moderator: Amanda Pinto

Session 4B

Joanna Ruth Evans, “Deep Southern Improvisations with the Dead”

Zama Dube, “Visualizing Herstories: Mapping Cinematic representations of Black Feminist Movements in the African Diaspora”

Anwar Uhuru, “Femmephobia and Black Queer Malehood”

Moderator: Rhiannon Lindgren

Session 4C

Sid Hansen, “Collateral Genealogy as Scientific Praxis” Jasmine Wallace, “Archives of Black Life: Sharpe, Spillers, and

Foucault on the Living Histories of Black Embodiment”

M. Gail Hamner, “Decolonizing Gender, Affect, and Archive through the Road Trip: Theorizing Lost Children Archive”

Moderator: Hannah R. Bacon

4:20PM – 4:30PM


4:30PM – 6:00PM

Virtual Keynote #1* (*will include live interpretation services)

Ochy Curiel, “Aportes del feminismo decolonial desde Abya Yala”

Moderator: Carmen Soliz

Saturday, June 3rd

8AM – 9AM

Registration, Refreshments

9AM – 10:20 AM

Session 5A

Jane Dryden, “Playfulness, Control, and Microbiomes”

Abbey Brooks, “Resisting Settler Colonial Citation: Positionality, Relationality, and Loving, Knowing Ignorance”

Imge Oranli, “Teaching Ethics, Practicing Engaged Pedagogy in Turkey”

Moderator: Jasmine Wallace

Session 5B

Panel: “Differences in Difference: Decolonial Interventions by Indian feminist philosophers”

Presenters: Dalorina, Eleanor Felicia Pinto, Amrita Banerjee Moderator: Elisabeth Paquette

Session 5C & 6C (see session below)

Panel: “Pre-publication launch of The Bloomsbury Guide to Philosophy of Disability

Presenters: Shelley Lynn Tremain, Kristin Rodier, Johnathan Flowers, Amandine Catala

Moderator: Andrea J. Pitts

10:20AM – 10:30AM


10:30AM – NOON

In-person Keynote #2:

Lindsey Stewart, “‘These Flowers Growing Out My Mind’: The Role of Ashe in Conjure Feminism”

Moderator: Felecia Harris

NOON – 1:30PM

Lunch, Business meeting

1:30PM – 2:50PM

Session 6A

Panel: “Decolonialism, Recognition, and its Discontents: Refusal, Dismissal, and Opacity”

Presenters: Falguni A. Sheth, Devonya N. Havis, Mickaella L. Perina

Moderator: Chris Jingchao Ma

Session 6B

Randall Johnson, “White Gendered Bodies, Black Desiring Flesh”

Sanjula Rajat & Margaret McLaren, “Coloniality of Gender and Queerness in India”

Yingshihan (Shihan) Zhu, “Global Pinkwashing:How Does the Transnational Breast Cancer Awareness Movement Oppress Non-western Women?”

Moderator: Taylor Rogers

Session 6C & 5C

Panel: “Pre-publication launch of The Bloomsbury Guide to Philosophy of Disability

Presenters: Mich Curria, Élaina Gauthier-Mamaril, Melinda Hall, Suze Berkhout and Ada Jaarsma

Moderator: Andrea J. Pitts

2:50PM – 3:00PM


3PM – 4:30PM

Virtual Keynote #2

The Rosemarie Tong Honorary Lecture
Jasbir Puar, “Dividual Economies, Of Data, Of Flesh”

Moderator: Rachel E. Jones

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