Canadian Universities Discriminate Against Disabled Students Too

As you might have assumed, not only do Canadian universities discriminate against disabled faculty; they also discriminate against disabled students.

A recent article in LAW TIMES explains the Sept. 20 Divisional Court decision, Longueépée v. University of Waterloo, 2019 ONSC 5465, that “showed the admission process created a discriminatory barrier for a student with a disability and directed the university to develop a fairer admission process, said David Baker, the lawyer who represented Longueépée.”

“Which the University of Waterloo seems to be refusing to do,” according to my friend and colleague, Jay Dolmage.

Dolmage continues, “I am embarrassed that this is my workplace. And this refusal comes despite the fact that the University has an agreement to work hard to admit more students with disabilities, and has failed in this responsibility year after year (these numbers as a percentage are going DOWN despite the fact that UW admits thousands more students each year than the year before). The good news is that I think the University will lose their appeal — and I hope that this sets a precedent that every University in Ontario must follow.”

Read/listen to the article in LAW TIMES here:

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