More on Discrimination Against Disabled Students at Canadian Universities

The CBC News article that I have linked to below follows up on the LAW TIMES article that was the subject of yesterday’s post. Here is an excerpt from the CBC News article:

Roch Longueépée says the University of Waterloo’s move to appeal a court order forcing it to accommodate him in the admissions process shows how far society still has to go in including people with disabilities.

Longueépée has a traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress (PTSD). When he first applied to the university, he was turned down due to his low marks, which he attained before receiving his diagnosis.

The university has been ordered by a court to review Longueépée’s application using an “accommodated admissions process,” but is now trying to appeal that order.

“I think it’s another example of how ableistic our society still is,” said Longueépée, who is founder of Restoring Dignity, an advocacy group for survivors of childhood abuse and trauma suffered in institutions.

Longueépée said that since the court process began, he’s heard from many people with disabilities who’ve encountered similar roadblocks to post-secondary education. 

“If it was only about me, I’m not sure I would have gone to the courts, but there’s a lot more at stake here,” he said.

Read/listen to the entire CBC News article here:

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