Philosophy, Disability and Social Change 2 (Updated)

  • UPDATE: The now confirmed and EXPANDED dates for Philosophy, Disability and Social Change 2 are: December 7th to 10th!

That’s right. The enormously thought-provoking and transgressive online conference on philosophy and disability, which brought together disabled philosophers of disability from around the globe last December, will be launched again this December.

As many readers and listeners of BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY can attest, last year’s conference was a huge success, both demonstrating the value of online events and providing a venue for marginalized disabled philosophers to present their cutting-edge work on disability in order to counter their exclusion from other philosophy conferences, symposia, and workshops, as well as publication and permanent employment.

In this regard, the Philosophy, Disability and Social Change conference that took place last December also offered the philosophical community a model of how to organize accessible online philosophy conferences that ensure a safe climate and environment for disabled philosophers and other disabled academics.

Once again, Jonathan Wolff and I (with the technical and financial support of the School of Government at Oxford University) will coorganize the conference which is (tentatively) scheduled to take place December 8th-10th. Like the conference last year, the conference this upcoming December will be held during UK afternoon hours (roughly 1-7pm GMT) on these days.

As you might expect, I will post additional details about the conference before the end of August. The next post about the conference will likely include registration information and a list of participants.

The videos of last year’s Philosophy, Disability and Social Change conference can be found on YouTube here*:

*The transcript of last year’s conference contains numerous errors. Oxford University recently hired me to correct the transcript of the 2020 conference which I will do throughout August.

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