List of Participants for Philosophy, Disability and Social Change 2 (#PhiDisSocCh2) Conference, University of Oxford Online, Dec. 7-10, 2021

Planning is already underway for Philosophy, Disability and Social Change 2 (#PhiDisSocCh2) which will take place December 7-10, 1-7pm GMT. This year’s conference promises to be as groundbreaking as last year’s conference and has expanded to include more presentations. This year’s conference, like last year’s, is technically supported and funded by the Blavatnik School of Government at University of Oxford. Philosophy, Disability and Social Change II will be free and open to all.

The programme and registration information for this year’s Philosophy, Disability and Social Change 2 conference will be posted next month. In the meantime, here, in alphabetical order, is a (preliminary) list of participants in Philosophy, Disability and Social Change 2:

Axel Arturo Barcelό Aspeitia

Talia Mae Bettcher

Ray Briggs

Alex Bryant                                                                          

Havi Carel                                                                           

Licia Carlson                                                                 

Grace Cebrero                                                                     

Robert Chapman

Michelle Ciurria

Will Conway

Tommy Curry

Emily R. Douglas

Jane Dryden

Gen Eickers                                                                          

Johnathan Flowers

Élaina Gauthier-Mamaril                                          

August Gorman

Lori Gruen

Lauren Guilmette                                                               

Melinda Hall   

Sally Haslanger

Elvis Imafidon

Stephanie Jenkins

Isaac Jiang

Julie Maybee

Maeve McKeown

Nathaniel Moore

Cecilea Mun

Maeve O’Donovan    

Andrea Pitts                                                           

Keisha Ray

Damion Kareem Scott

Jennifer Scuro  

Lissa Skitolsky                                                        

Joseph Stramondo 

Shelley Tremain  

Desiree Valentine   

Jonathan Wolff                                                     

Audrey Yap 

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