Inclusion and Exclusion in Philosophy: Alcoff, Mills, and Tremain

In July of last year, Linda Alcoff, Charles Mills, and I participated in a podcast discussion for the Larger, Freer, More Loving series hosted by Matthew J LaVine and Dwight Lewis. The motivation to record the discussion was the announcement (and ensuing remarks) on Daily Nous about the SSHRC funding of the project “Extending New Narratives in the History of Philosophy” from which Black philosophers, philosophers of colour, and disabled philosophers (not mutually exclusive groups), as well as specialists in philosophy of race and philosophy of disability, were absent.

Although the New Narratives project has begun to address its inattention to how race and racism have generated and structured the narratives of the discipline and profession, examination of how the philosophical, social, and discursive constitution of (the apparatus of) disability have configured narratives within philosophy remains absent from the project. As Charles Mills himself put it in the discussion period of a recent online conference, “No one talks about disability.”

The podcast of the discussion, which was given the title “The Question of Inclusion in Philosophy,” and is online here:

A transcript of this episode of the podcast series is available here.

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