Philosophy, Disability, and Social Change 3 #PhiDisSocCh3

It seems as if the Philosophy, Disability, and Social Change 2 Conference took place only recently. But almost three months have gone by since the first day of that conference! I am currently editing and correcting the transcript for the videos of that conference which can be found here.

Nevertheless, Jonathan Wolff and I have already had some preliminary discussions about Philosophy, Disability, and Social Change 3 which will be held in mid-December 2022!

In about 3 months time, I will begin to send out invitations to disabled philosophers to present at the conference and requests for session chairs. In other words, relatively soon, I will begin to put together the program for this year’s conference which will, once again, showcase the cutting-edge work of disabled philosophers of disability.

In short, the upcoming conference promises to be as transformative and pathbreaking as its predecessors. Keep your attention on BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY for updated information about the latest edition of this amazing event!

Yours in struggle,

Shelley Tremain

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