Registration for Philosophy, Disability and Social Change 3 (#PhiDiscSocCh3)

I had hoped that registration would, by now, be open for Philosophy, Disability and Social Change 3 (#PhiDisSocCh3). With the first two editions of the conference, we advertised the final program and opened registration in September.

This year, however, the University of Oxford/Blavatnik School of Government has been conducting an overhaul of its website and webpages; so, there has been a delay. I have been advised that the work on our conference page should be completed by October 31.

Please check back here early next week for the link to the conference page where you can read more about the conference and register to attend. Registration is free. However, you must register to receive the links for the Zoom sessions of each day of the conference.

In the meantime, you can find the full (preliminary) program for the conference on BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY here.

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