Philosophy of Disability as Critical Diversity Studies-Now Published!

In a previous post, I indicated that my article “Philosophy of Disability as Critical Diversity Studies” was forthcoming in the exciting inaugural issue of International Journal of Critical Diversity Studies (IJCDS). The issue, which is dated June 2018, has now been published and its table of contents can be found here. The unusual nature of the date of the issue and the delay in publication are due to the very sad, sudden, and unexpected death last year of the journal’s managing editor, Paul Chappell.

The published version of my article, which discusses analytic, Foucaultian, feminist, and activist approaches to disability, can be found here.

As I also indicated in the previous post, IJCDS is the bi-annual, peer-reviewed publication of the Wits Centre for Critical Diversity Studies at University of Witwatersrand, during whose upcoming conference, “Disabling Normativities,” I will give a keynote on the apparatus of disability, microaggressions, and philosophy.

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