Abstract for My Keynote Address at the Disabling Normativities Conference, University of Witwatersrand, Oct. 1-3, 2019

Here is the abstract for my Keynote Address at the Disabling Normativities conference in Johannesburg in October:

Philosophy is the most conservative and homogeneous discipline across the humanities and social sciences with respect to areas of inquiry and specialization. The homogeneity of the topics and questions studied in philosophy is, furthermore, co-constitutive with the homogeneity of the demographics of philosophy. Indeed, the profession of philosophy is populated almost exclusively by nondisabled white people, the majority of whom are men. In my presentation to this exciting conference, I will provide an account of the marginalization of critical work on disability in the discipline of philosophy, indicate how disabled people are constituted in philosophical discourse as a problem to be rectified, and explain how these factors contribute to and reproduce the dire exclusion of disabled philosophers from the profession of philosophy.

More information about the conference is available on BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY here.

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