What’s Ahead for 2021 (updated)

It’s that time of the year. I won’t make any grand predictions about the disciplinary and institutional status of philosophy of disability or the professional status of disabled philosophers nor even about whether any of the many tenured philosophers who pledged to support the victimized of sexual harassment will actually do something in the coming months to help me recover.

I do want to emphasize, however, that I’m extremely grateful to the dozens of dear friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and readers/listeners of this blog that I’ve never met who continue to generously respond to my immediate situation, a demoralizing situation which I regard as emblematic of the systemic exclusion and subordination of disabled philosophers more generally, a ubiquitous situation that prevails regardless of whether this or that disabled philosopher has a job, works at a prestigious university, landed a publication in a top journal, and so on.

For now, I’m surviving, that is, surviving despite the fact that the government of my country, Canada, and feminist and other bioethicists upon which it showers accolades want me and its other disabled constituents to take actions that will bring about our own premature deaths (e.g., go here and here).

For now at least, improving the institutional, professional, and personal lives of disabled philosophers is the role that I have taken on and the work in which I will continue to engage.

My plans in this role/work for the coming year (or at least until I can no longer survive doing it) are thus far the following:

Early in the New Year, I will send out invitations to a range of philosophers of disability for their respective contributions to a pathbreaking reader/handbook on philosophy of disability that will be published by a major international publishing house. If you work in this area, you have been put on notice!

In April, I will give a keynote to the Enacting Disability Justice online conference. You can find the CFP for this graduate conference in Critical Disability Studies here.

In June 2021 (if not before), the fantastic special issue of International Journal of Critical Diversity Studies that I’ve been editing will be published. The theme of this fabulous issue of IJCDS is “Philosophies of Disability and the Global Pandemic.”

In the summer of 2021, Jonathan Wolff and I will begin planning for Philosophy, Disability and Social Change II, another incarnation of the highly successful conference that we held earlier this month.

Last, but not least for disabled philosophers and other disabled academics, I will continue to interview amazing disabled philosophers for the ever-provocative Dialogues on Disability series which will continue to offer a refuge and sense of belonging to them, as well as provide them with reassurance that they are valued, deserving of respect, and worthy of attention.

Happy New Year.

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