Some of Your Favourite BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY Posts of 2020

By popular demand, I once again present you with a list of some of BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY’s most read/listened to posts of the past year. The year was memorable in a host of heart-wrenching ways, many of which our blog captured. In 2020, you wanted more of:


Notes on Khader’s Decolonizing Universalism and the Problematization of Disability in Feminist Philosophy

Reconfiguring Values: A Riposte to Agnes Callard

The Costs of Flying: An Intersectional Analysis (Guest Post)


Bioethics (and) MAID in Canada

Structural Gaslighting, Racism in Canada, and Ableism in Philosophy

The Fallacy of the Good Philosopher-Activist


Accessible Teaching in the Time of COVID-19*


Facing the COVID-19 Crisis in Japan With a Disability*


COVID-19 and The Naturalization of Vulnerability

I’m Disabled and Need a Ventilator to Live. Am I Expendable During This Pandemic?

Structural Gaslighting, Epistemic Injustice, and Ableism in Philosophy

Teaching COVID-19 Mini Syllabus

Culinary Injustice (Guest Post)

COVID-19, Nursing Homes, and Public Philosophy


More Ableism, Sexism, and Misogyny in Philosophy

Open Letter on Behalf of U.K. Disabled, Chronically Ill, and Neurodivergent PhD Students Due to COVID-19


Racial Emancipation by Charles W. Mills

Interviews with Black & Indigenous Disabled Philosophers

The Nursing Home-Industrial-Complex

The Singer/Lindauer Entry Won! But Why?


Philosophy’s Disability Problem

Ableism and Racism in Canadian Philosophy


Public Philosophy and the Horrors of the Nursing Home-Industrial Complex in Canada

Acid Horizon Podcast about Feminist Philosophy of Disability, Foucault, The Exclusion of Disabled Philosophers, Etc.

Bramble, Pandemic Ethics, the Nursing Home-Industrial Complex, and the Scope of Mainstream Philosophy

AAT Transcript for The Question of Inclusion in Philosophy: Alcoff, Mills, Tremain, LaVine, and Lewis


My New Article in Feminist Philosophy Quarterly

Engaged Public Philosophy

Andrea J. Pitts Reviews My Book


Philosophy and Structural Gaslighting About Disability

¿Hay cosas que no debe comprar el dinero? La propuesta de Paulette Dieterlen

Amalia Amaya sobre la Admiración en la Moral

Update/Programme/Registration Info for Philosophy, Disability and Social Change, Oxford Online, Dec. 9-11, 2020


Disabled Philosopher Seeks Your Assistance

Bioethics, Catherine Frazee, and MAID in Canada

Wittgensteinean Meta-Politics

Letter to the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs of the Government of Canada in Opposition to Bill C-7


Opposition to Bill C-7 and Too Many Letters of Reference

Videos of the Philosophy, Disability and Social Change Conference, Oxford Online, Dec. 9-11, 2020

My Presentation to the Philosophy, Disability, and Social Change Conference, Online, December 9th, 2020

More on Opposition to Bill C-7 (Medically-Assisted Suicide) and the Role of Philosophers

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