Forthcoming Edited Collection on Philosophy of Disability

In a post at the end of 2020, I mentioned that early in 2021 I would send out invitations to a pathbreaking edited collection on philosophy of disability. The invitations have been sent out and confirmed; and I have assigned a title to the book. So, here are a few details that I can share with you at this time to pique your interest and anticipation for the book.

The book, to be published by Bloomsbury Publishers, will resemble a reader or handbook but won’t be identified and marketted as such in order to make the book widely affordable and available. Instead, the book will have this excellent title: The Bloomsbury Guide to Philosophy of Disability: Radical Resistances and Intersectional Imaginings. Expected to comprise 32 chapters, the book will be published in the Spring of 2023.

Among the topics included in the book will be these: disability and migration; disability and Afro-futurism; the disabled professor in the philosophy classroom; disability, fatique, and class; neurodiversity; disability policy and philosophy; disability, trans, and emotions; disability, race, and AI; disability and music; disability, animals, and captivity; disability and African philosophy; ableism and ageism; ableism and the disabled student; disability and hip hop; stuttering and speech.

The following is a preliminary list of contributors (one or two other authors and a couple of co-authors might be added):

Gabriela Arguedas 

Zara Bain  

Suze Berkhout/Ada Jaarsma 

Licia Carlson

Grace Cebrero  

Robert Chapman

Michelle Ciurria

Laura Cupples/Karen Colorafi

Tommy Curry 

Josh Dohmen 

Emily R. Douglas 

Gen Eickers

Johnathan Flowers

Élaina Gauthier-Mamaril

August Gorman 

Lori Gruen

Lauren Guilmette

Melinda Hall  

Elvis Imafidon 

Stephanie Jenkins

Trudo Lemmens

Julie Maybee  

Maeve O’Donovan     

Christine Overall                    

Andrea Pitts                    

Damion Scott   

Jennifer Scuro           

Lissa Skitolsky                      

Tim Stainton/Jordan Wadden  

Joshua St. Pierre  

Joseph Stramondo

Shelley Lynn Tremain

Desiree Valentine                   

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